We offer all natural color solutions, colouring foods, nutritional coloring foods, vitamins and premixes

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Natural Colorants

These are derived from agricultural, biological or mineral sources. They are obtained by extraction and isolated processes.

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Colouring Foods

Produced from fruit, vegetable, edible flower and algae concentrates. Only natural processes are used in our manufacturing, free of synthetic additives or organic solvents.

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Nutritional colouring foods

Based on a process of dehydration and grinding, specially designed for the preparation of creams, purees, gazpachos and pastes.

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Vitamins and Premixes

Vitamins are essential compounds for life since, in a balanced way and in essential doses, they promote proper physiological functioning.



Our Innovative colouring solutions are derived from natural sources and are applied to all types of food.

We can offer the best quality solution that you need to enhance your final product, without affecting its flavor and nutritional value; this is achieved by carefully selecting high quality raw materials and applying advanced technological processes.


Quality commitment

We have five production plants to guarantee a high efficiency in our deliveries. Incoltec’s highest aspiration is to provide our customers with a high-quality products that offer added value.

In order to achieve this, INCOLTEC develops different product quality management processes, determining whether they meet our expectations.

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Adapted to different markets, we are capable to offer solutions of colour to all the world. Our efficient logistic and informatic system provide us with the ability to guarantee our quality everywhere.

Passion for colours

Innovation, technology and colour

The innovation is only possible knowing the details of our clients needs. With this information our team has the knowledge, experience and a different vision in the moment of proposing an appropriate solution to develop a new color.
The quality of each coloring raw material is guaranteed from its origin and in the arrival at our facilities, they go thought strict quality controls.

Latest News

The natural power of color

Colors are part of nature, therefore of everything. Our planet is known as the Blue Planet, because of the color of its oceans, colors are a way of conceptualizing, interpreting and expressing the reality in which we live.


The global provider of color solutions for the food industry, never stands immobile. Driven by innovation, it launches a totally new website, to offer its services and share the variety of applications of food coloring.

The Why of food colors

The food coloring industry is constantly evolving, improving its formulas to provide the highest quality in the products we consume. They are part of most foods and drinks in a balanced diet. In this post we demystify the misunderstandings about it.

What is Kale?

The properties of vegetables and their contributions are the focus of observation and study at a global level in favor of the valuation of the environment. Taking care of health through food and generating greater sustainability and nutritional quality.

Manufacturers of food colors

Incoltec is a food coloring manufacturer and also a wholesale food coloring supplier, so we can supply you in large quantities of food coloring.

Food coloring supplier company

Being a food coloring wholesale company we have the advantage that even if you need large quantities we can provide enough with the quantities you need in our different ranges of food coloring. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you have about our company or about our colorants.



You’ll receive our latest news
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