Colourants in liquid, powder, paste and gel

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The production and use of natural food colourants provide an attractive and healthy appearance in the food industry products. Innovation is avant-garde and is present in our products.

Colorantes naturales

Natural colourants

Natural colourants are pigments extracted from natural sources such as plants, minerals, seeds and animals. They are suitable for the food industry and drinks production. In this catalogue you are going to find colouring substances of vegetable origin such as carotenoids, chlorophylls, anthocyanins, curcumin and varieties of intense red obtained from the cochineal. With safe, simple and reliable extraction and application methods, to provide with colour to all your food in a healthy and natural way.

Colouring foods

Colour is one of the most valued characteristics by people when choosing what foods to eat. Everything we eat becomes more attractive thanks to its colour. It provides information on the freshness and quality of the food, that is why we offer our line of colouring foods from natural sources and made under international quality standards. Applicable to food and drinks, toxic-free and colour-guaranteed.

Alimentos colorantes naturales

Nutritional colouring foods

We offer quality nutritional colouring foods to improve the natural properties in foods: aroma, colour and flavour. We obtain our products from organic vegetables, fruits and vegetables through extraction, dehydration and milling processes, without preservatives or synthetic additives.

They are concentrated foods because their chemical structure is not modified. These products can be used in countless preparations: meals, soups, vegan foods and drinks, salads, supplements, juices, shakes, as condiments and much more.

Vitaminas y premixes

Vitamins and premixes

Vitamins are essential components for the functioning and growth of cells, essential for health. They are found in small amounts in some foods of animal and plant origin and are vital in a balanced diet. From the Incoltec laboratory we are proud to produce vitamins and premixes of certified quality, to provide essential health through supplements.

A solution is a transformation, alchemy, an application for creating and transforming.

Our laboratories create solutions designed in order to solve any need in any colour. Applying a solution is not only remedying a problem, but also providing tools to generate new products and therefore innovate.

Incoltec maintains a permanent feedback with the clients, with the worldwide trends and with the scientific community in order to provide quality solutions and being able to give the best advice and support.