E-100 Curcumin

Product description

Curcumin (E-100): Natural colorant that offers bright and intense colour tones ranging from yellow to orange. Obtained from Curcuma longa, a member of the ginger family, through a process of extraction, drying, and purification. Known for its high anti-inflammatory properties and health benefits, we provide it in powder and liquid formats, both hydro-soluble and fat-soluble. Typically used in dairy products desserts, jams, meat, snacks, baked goods, preserves, pasta, ice cream, sauces, and drinks.

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Technical information
Technical information

Color/Shade: Yellow
Source: Turmeric longa
Pigment: Curcumin
Appearance: Powder and liquid
Solubility: Water soluble and fat soluble
Stability: Heat: Good, Light: Poor

Color solution

Acid and Neutral pH’s
Confectionery, bakery, dairy, meat, snack foods

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