Extensive beta-carotene portfolio

Incoltec extensive beta-carotene portfolio for coloration and fortification

Beta-carotene, a carotenoid naturally found in many green leafy and yellow to orange fruits and vegetables, is a fat soluble, yellow-orange pigment with two major functions:

  • Fortification: As provitamin A, beta-carotene is transformed by the liver according to the body’s needs, and is as such a safe source of vitamin A. Studies have shown that beta-carotene may support immune function, as well as eye, skin and cardiovascular health. It also demonstrates strong antioxidant properties.
  • Coloration: Beta-carotene is used as healthy yellow to reddish color in a variety of dietary supplement, food and beverage applications. Color is often the first element noticed in the appearance of a food product, impacting the way consumers perceive taste and flavor. Beta-carotene is an alternative to artificial dyes and supports the transition to clean labels.

Incoltec nature-identical beta-carotene

As an expert in chemical synthesis and microencapsulation of carotenoids, Incoltec offers a variety of stable, synthetic beta-carotene product forms for use in fortification and coloration:

  • Spray-dried powders: Our portfolio includes different concentrations for use in effervescent tablets, beverages, dairy and bakery products, among others.

CaroClear Beta-Carotene can be used to give a bright, transparent color to beverages such as flavored waters and soft drinks, but also energy and sports drinks, making them very appealing to consumers.

To help our customers answer the demand for additive-free foods and beverages, we also offer a beta-carotene form made with a process where no silicon-dioxide is added.

  • Beadlets: Our microencapsulated beadlets are cold-water dispersible for use in beverages, dairy and bakery products, or directly compressible for tableting.

For application in fine powders, such as premixes, where uniformity is a key performance parameter, we offer Beta-Carotene Mini-Beads, which are about 30% finer than our regular beadlets, thanks to an exclusive micro-encapsulation process.

CaroQuik Beta-Carotene is quickly dispersible in cold water, and as such presents fortification and color features for application in today’s popular sticks, dispersion caps and powder canister packaging.

  • Emulsions:Our emulsions exist in different concentrations for easy handling and application in a variety of foods and beverages.
  • Liquid suspensions: Our oil dispersible liquid suspensions are available in diverse concentrations and oil matrix for use in soft-gelatin capsules, smoothies, frozen dairy desserts, oils and margarines.

Incoltec beta-carotene offers superior performance in many dry and liquid applications, especially excellent uniformity, superior stability, suitability for a pH range from 3 to 7, and reproducible color shade.

Incoltec natural beta-carotene

Incoltec offers natural beta-carotene obtained by fermentation of Blakeslea Trispora,in different forms including spray-dried powders, emulsions and suspensions, as well as cold-water dispersible beadlets and directly compressible beadlets.

Incoltec natural beta-carotene shows superior performance in a range of applications in foods, beverages and dietary supplements:

  • Excellent uniformity
  • Natural dark yellow to orange coloration
  • Consistent color shade in foods due to standardization of natural beta-carotene content
  • Superior stability during processes such as pasteurization, baking etc.
  • Good dispersibility in beverage applications
  • Desirable appearance of final products
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