Product description

Carbon Black (E-153): Charcoal is a natural colorant in black tones, obtained from the burning of vegetables, coconut shells and other natural materials reduced to small particles and suspended in glucose syrup. Presented as a paste, it is soluble in water and applicable in neutral or acid pH products. Used in the fish industry for caviar or surimi imitation, as well in confectionery, candies, cookies and chocolates. It serves as a vegetable black pigment without toxicity, suitable for human consumption. Excellent stability to the light and heat exposure.

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Technical information
Technical information

Color/Shade: Black
Source: Charcoal
Pigment: Charcoal
Appearance: Paste
Solubility: Dispersed in water
Stability: Heat: Excellent, Light: Excellent

Color solution

pH’s Acid and Neutral
Confectionery, bakery, caviar substitute, surimi

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