E-160d Lycopene

Product description

Lycopene E-160 (d): Lycopene is an oil-soluble red carotenoid pigment, occurs naturally in various fresh fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit and papaya. It can also be synthetically be produced. Applicable to acidic and neutral pHs, it finds uses in candies, dairy, bakery, surimi, meat and sauces. Available in water soluble and fat-soluble version.

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Technical information
Large description
Technical information

Color/Shade: Red
Source: Natural + IN (Synthesis)
Pigment: Lycopene
Appearance: Powder and liquid
Solubility: Water soluble and fat soluble
Stability: Heat: Good , Light: Good

Color solution

Acid and Neutral pH’s
Confectionery, dairy, bakery, surimi, meat, sauces

Large description
Linicol Lycopene 10% LF: It’s a red suspension that contains micronized lycopene crystals, dispersed in corn oil. Di-Alpha-Tocopherol is also added as an antioxidant. It’s liquid at 0º C Linicol Lycopene 10% DC / AF: Contains lycopene finely dispersed in a matrix of starch. Dl-a-Tocopherol and sodium ascorbate are added as antioxidants. The coating contains white corn starch particles that may be visible in the product.

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