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Orange Powder

Product description

The orange is the citric fruit of the citrus tree, we can find a lot of variety in its flavor, from sweet to sour. As its names indicate, it has a strong orange color, because of its betacarotenes. Rich in vitamin C, magnesium, folic acid, calcium, potassium and more elements that make it a powerful antioxidant for cells With an exquisite flavor, with a thick skin and pulp, it is made up of eleven segments or skins full of juice. We offer our organic product for all kinds of uses.

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Technical information
Nutritional information
Technical information

Appearance : Powder
Color : Orange, characteristic of the product and variety.
Taste : Slightly bitter or sweet depending on the variety.
Aroma : Fruity, characteristic of the product

Physico-chemical specifications

Particle size : > 95% through No. 40 screen
Foreign bodies : Absence
Phytosanitary : Max.

Color solution

Baby creams, purees, baby purees, baby foods
Fruit and vegetable juices
Ice creams, yogurts, sorbets
Food, dietary or vitamin supplements
Prepared dishes

Nutritional values

Energy value : 1.339,80kj / 318,00kcal
Fat : 0,90g
– Of which saturated : 0,20g
Carbohydrates : 60,00g
– Of which sugars : 32,50g
Dietary fiber : 23,70g
Proteins : 5,70g
Salt : 0,30g

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