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Broccoli Powder

Product description

Broccoli is a vegetable of the cabbage family with high benefits for the cardiovascular system due to its high content of flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamin C, proteins and other nutrients. Characterized by abundant green edible heads, distributed in the shape of a tree. Absolutely natural product we can use broccoli for a variety of preparations providing a green-brown color and all its nutritional value.

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Technical information
Nutritional information
Technical information

Appearance : Powder
Color : Green-brown, characteristic of the product and variety.
Taste : Slightly sweet
Aroma : Sweet and fruity, characteristic of the product and variety

Physico-chemical specifications

Particle size : > 95% through No. 40 screen
Foreign bodies : Absence
Phytosanitary : Max.

Color solution

Creams, purees, gazpachos, baby purees.
Vegetarian and vegan foods
Ready meals and instant soups
Fruit and vegetable juices
Food supplements, dietary or vitamin supplements

Nutritional values

Energy value : 1.014,80kj / 244,00kcal
Fat : 2,00g
– Of which saturated : 0,40g
Carbohydrates : 20,30g
– Of which sugars : 1,50g
Dietary fiber : 42,80g
Proteins : 14,90g
Salt : 1,00g

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