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Product description

Saffron is characterized by its pleasant aroma and excellent color, its color orange-yellow comes from a carotenoid, the pigment Crocin. With ancient references in its gastronomic and medicinal uses, saffron flowers are an appreciated product known as ‘red gold’. We present our 100% natural product in powder or liquid, soluble in water and dispersible in fats. Stable and quality, for applications in confectionery, dairy products, bakery, meat, sauces, meals, candies, snacks and vegetarian products.

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Technical information
Technical information

Color/Shade: Reddish
Source: Sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus)
Pigment: Santalin
Appearance: Powder and liquid
Solubility: Water soluble
Stability: Heat: Good, Light: Good

Color solution

pH’s Neutral
Meat, dairy and various desserts

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Incoltec is a manufacturer of Saffron, ask us without obligation for Saffron.

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At incoltec we are a supplier Saffron, ask us what you need about how we work as a distributor Saffron al por mayor.


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