Spinach Powder

Product description

Spinach, cultivated for its edible leaves abundant in properties and health benefits, serves as a natural product without additives. Ideal for numerous applications in food, supplements, meals, and juices, it provides flavour and a nutritional boost rich in fibres, vitamins, minerals, and vegetable proteins, promoting the regenerative functions of the organism.

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Technical information
Nutritional information
Technical information

Appearance : Powder
Color : Green characteristic of the product and variety
Taste : Slightly sweet
Aroma : Sweet and fruity, characteristic of the product and variety

Physico-chemical specifications

Particle size : > 95% through No. 40 screen
Foreign bodies : Absence
Phytosanitary : Max. < MRL EU
Humidity : Max. < 10%.
Heavy metals : Max. < EU MRL (EU Regulation 1881/2006)
Ashes : Max. < 10%.

Color solution

Creams, purees, gazpachos, baby purees, baby foods
Vegetarian and vegan foods
Fruit and vegetable juices
Ready meals and instant soups

Nutritional values

Energy value : 951,30kj / 229,00kcal
Fat : 4,70g
– Of which saturated : 0,70g
Carbohydrates : 3,60g
– Of which sugars : 3,50g
Dietary fiber : 34,70g
Proteins : 25,80g
Salt : 5,75g

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