El porqué de los colorantes alimentarios

The Why of food colors

The food coloring industry is constantly evolving, improving its formulas to provide the highest quality in the products we consume. They are part of most foods and drinks in a balanced diet. In this post we demystify the misunderstandings about it.

Food and beverage manufacturing processes can transform the original appearance of some products. In the gastronomic tradition, the use of colorants has always been a key ingredient, because they return the original color to food.

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The importance of the substance -in essence and appearance- makes the human being choose between different foods, the color provides information, makes it more pleasant.

“We eat with our eyes” is a very old phrase that expresses this notion that the brain receives information through the sense of sight, and decides together with the smell if that food seems not only appetizing, but healthy and good for your nutrition.

That is why it is important that the food we eat is and looks pleasant.
The use of food coloring is necessary as long as it does not compromise the quality or health of the food, this is supported by international health standards. The best known of these are the ISO standards.

Gastronomic diversity tells us about cultural diversity and different places in the world. Colors are incorporated into their preparations everywhere, in order to transmit information through food and beverages.

For example the so famous Italian Spritz, if it did not have its red pigment, it would not be the same cocktail. From this simple snack, to pasta, cakes, candies, soup preparations and creams, different foods around the world use food coloring.
The color variety impacts human psychology by guiding the decision-making process. The reaction that color produces in the human brain is a key factor at the time of feeding. Choose quality products where food coloring is controlled under food safety regulations. Eating in colors is natural nutrition.




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